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PT. Bina Informasi Optima Solusindo (BIOS) was established in Surabaya - Indonesia in 2013 is engaged in sophisticated Software and IT Consulting services. We put forward the Customer Satisfaction which means that our success lies in the satisfaction and success for customers. Facing a dynamic and competitive market, the company is required to produce the excellent products and services. Innovation, timely service, employee productivity, lower total cost is a key factor in todays business environment.

With an extensive network and supported by professionalism and commitment on every service, we believe it is able to provide a quality service, consistent and have added value for the achievement of common goals.

Supported by a team with high competence, PT. BIOS provides a variety of Consulting Services and IT Development, Custom-Made-Software and Other Multimedia Services on the basis of the principle of partnership, where customer satisfaction is everything regardless of the primary purpose of business activity itself.


Driving simple yet effective and efficient towards everyday communication inbetween BIOS personnel.


Fun intelegence by laying creative idea from BIOS personnel that channels through in form of usefull product to drive our customer satisfaction upon our services.


Showing emphaty towards everyday activities between BIOS personnel and between our customers.


“Being an Information Technology Company in Indonesia that emphasizes the principle of family according to the eastern culture towards activities yet still giving the best professionalism and objectivity upon creating new technology for better purposes.”



Giving The Best Service For Customers


Providing a competitive information technology solution supported by new technology


Implementing innovation and creation for information system development


Developing cooperative and partnership focus in customer satisfaction


Maintaining the professionalism in quality services