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What is GEN1 MPPT Controller?

A charger controller that applies the algorithm Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) based solar cell module which has a voltage greater than the battery voltage, so as to ensure the supply of battery power is always in the maximum power generated by the solar cell.

GEN1 MPPT controller is designed for the electrical system of direct current (DC). The electricity system independent from the network 220V AC current.

Efficient, Local & Maximum Power.

  • TKDN

    Has a number of high level of local content, because all of the research as well as nearly all parts of the MPPT produced domestically. With DCL figures are high, it is expected to help shape the future development of the technology industry in Indonesia better.

  • Charging

    Excess charging system 3-stage semi ie able to extend the life of batteries used. Semi charging system similar to the 3-stage 3-stage system but equalizing the voltage applied to the lower voltage of 0.5 V. With equalizing lower, opportunities occur gassing within the battery becomes very small.

  • Efficiency

    With the implementation of the MPPT algorithm (Maximum Power Point Tracking), then the maximum power that can be generated by the solar panels can be absorbed optimally to charge the battery. So that would be obtained power 5-30% greater than the PWM controller in general.

    By applying buck half-bridge converter, using high-quality MOSFET and the application of medium frequency, then obtained a high level of energy conversion losses due to bottlenecks and MOSFET switching losses low.

  • Communication

    With the serial communication features, the application data logger can be used, as well as process monitoring and or overiding of MPPT operation (especially overiding load switch) can be done remotely.

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  • Applying the MPP-Tracker algorithm
  • Voltage and current settings
  • PWM settings
  • Automatic load settings (linking back)
  • Overcharge and deep discharge protection
  • Serial communication
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GEN1 MPPT PJU - Double Arm
*Rp 27 mio

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  • Solar Panels 2x 100 WP
  • MPPT Controller 1pcs
  • LED Light 20 watt
  • Battery 100 Ah
  • Battery Box Powder Coating 1 unit
  • MCB Set 10 A
  • Octagonal Pole 7 meter
  • Installation pole & electricity
  • *start from
GEN1 MPPT Smart Building

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  • All devices are connected and working automatically to the needs of home or apartment. It can be viewed and controlled by using smartphone or PC via WiFi and Internet.

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